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C.Scope DXL3 Cable Avoidance Tool with Depth


BRAND: C.Scope

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The C.Scope DXL3 depth measuring Cable Avoidance Tool is a robust and affordable industry standard locator used to detect buried pipes and cables prior to excavation.

Hitting and damaging buried services when excavating is costly and potentially very dangerous. The C.Scope Cable Avoidance Tool is the ideal ‘pick-up-and-go tool to locate buried pipes and cables, quickly and reliably, time after time.

The C.Scope Cable Avoidance Tool has three familiar detection modes (POWER, RADIO AND GENERATOR) to select from. Each mode provides its own specific advantages. Many operators will be familiar with these operating modes.

The POWER mode is the quickest way to detect most buried electricity cables by detecting the signal created by the electrical current itself.

The RADIO mode detects re-radiated Radio type signals that are often present on metal pipes and cables allowing their position to be determined using just the Cable Avoidance Tool alone.

The GENERATOR mode is used to detect the signal applied to a metal pipe or cable by a C.Scope SGA3 Signal Generator. In addition the Generator mode can be used to detect the signal being transmitted by a C.Scope Sonde for non-metallic pipe tracing.

The DXL3 Cable Avoidance Tool also features the addition of a simple to operate Depth Measurement button on the top of the product (for use in GENERATOR Mode).

When combined with a C.Scope SGA3 Signal Generator and accessories, the Cable Avoidance Tool becomes a versatile, all round pipe and cable locating and tracing package. Robustly made and equipped with LCD meter, detachable loudspeaker and easy-to-operate fingertip controls the C.Scope Cable Avoidance Tool is the ideal Locator for all levels of staff who need to be able to detect buried services quickly and with confidence.

The DXL3 Cable Avoidance Tool does require annual recalibration.

The DXL3 Cable Avoidance Tool comes with a three year Warranty (conditions apply).

Features include

  • Digital LCD display as well as audible response.
  • Push button depth measurement.
  • Continuous display of battery condition.
  • Continuous display of operating mode and frequency.
  • Superior 'natural' audible response rather than a digitally reproduced version.
  • Excellent signal to interference ratio leaving a clear, crisp signal response.
  • Provision for extra battery storage within the Cable Avoidance Tool.
  • Retractable loudspeaker which can be replaced if damaged without the need to get the unit recalibrated.
  • Fully weatherproof design allows easy access to batteries and loudspeaker terminals without compromising water sealing.
  • 12 month Warranty.
  • Network Rail approved.
  • Removable 'Wear foot'.


  • On/off control. Press for 'on', release for 'off'. Battery check tone at switch on.

3 position function select switch

  • P - Power Mode for detecting live imbalanced cables.
  • R - Radio Mode for detecting re-radiated radio signals.
  • G - Generator Mode for detecting conductors carrying the signal generated by a Signal Generator or from a Sonde Transmitter.
  • Sensitivity Control.
  • Push button to activate depth measurement.


  • Large, easy to read liquid crystal display. Shock resistant, mounted behind polycarbonate lens for maximum protection.
  • The display indicates: Signal strength, Battery condition, Confirmation of selected mode, Depth in G mode.


  • P - 50-400 Hz R - 15-20 kHz G - 33 kHz


  • 8 x AA (IEC type LR6), Typical life (guide) - 40 hours.


  • 3.0 kgs (including batteries), Moisture/dust resistant to IP65.


  • 12 months Warranty.

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