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Radiodetection CAT4

In an ever more regulated industry, the next generation of Radiodetection Cable Avoidance Tools, CAT4™ and Genny4™, build on over 40 years of CAT and Genny expertise to enable operators to find more buried utilities, faster.

These two innovative tools have been engineered to deliver a step change in capabilities with minimal change in work practices and training requirements.

The CAT4 and Genny4 range is designed to assist in avoiding buried cables and pipes during excavation, reducing the risk of injury to personnel and damage to utilities. The CAT4 is designed to detect signals – whether generated by the Genny4, inherently radiating from metallic services, or from the complementary range of Sondes and accessories designed to enable the location of non-conductive services.

CAT4 and Genny4 is Radiodetection’s most advanced CAT and Genny system to date, designed to deliver optimal performance, higher levels of safety, advanced features and at competitive cost of ownership.

10% Discount on Certified Training with purchases of 2 or more CAT4 products

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