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Leica DD Series 80mm Multi Frequency Signal Clamp

Leica DD Series 80mm Multi Frequency Signal Clamp


BRAND: Leica

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The Multi Clamp is a robust 80mm clamp used to apply a traceable signal to buried cables and pipes when used in conjunction with the DA220 and DA230 series signal transmitters. Perfect for use in highly congested underground areas where you can see obvious signs of buried utilities (i.e. drain cover) and you want to identify a specific utility.

The Multi Clamp operates with frequencies 256Hz to 200kHz.

The Multi Clamp is connected to the signal transmitter, then clamped around the outer sheath of the buried utility. Using a Leica DD100 or DD200 Smart series Utility Locator on the surface you will then be able to locate or trace a particular utility.

The Multi Clamp is ideal for:
  • Locating and tracing the path of a specific utility.
  • For highly congested areas of buried utilities.
  • To increase the thoroughness of your utility survey.

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