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Servicing your equipment

We have over 40 years’ combined experience in Cable Avoidance servicing and repairs and are one of only a few companies in the UK who are authorised distributors and service centres for :

  • C.Scope Limited
  • Cable Detection Limited
  • Radiodetection Limited CAT4, RD7100 & RD8100 (eCal)

This means all our work complies with strict quality procedures and manufacturers guidelines and we receive up to date training on new and existing products.

We service and repair all makes and models of equipment, the most common examples as below:-

C.Scope Limited Cable Detection Limited Radiodetection Limited
Uscan & Scansmitter Digicat 100 & 200 MK1 CAT & Genny
Classic CAT , CATXD EZiCAT 100 & 200 MK2 CAT & Genny
CXL2, DXL2, MXL2 EZiCAT i series MK3 CAT & Genny
SGA2, SGV2, MXT2 Digitex 100 MK4 CAT & Genny
t100, t300 Transmitters RD2000, SUPER CAT
RD400, RD4000
RD7000, RD8000

We provide a bespoke service to each customer including Company Logo’s and Plant Numbers (when required) and provide itemised Certification and Job Sheets detailing what work has been carried out with each individual instrument.

The majority of repair work is performed in-house as we have the skill and knowledge to repair down to component level.

- we rarely ‘scrap’ a machine as we have this ability and pride to keep older products functioning correctly without unnecessary costly replacement.

This is a unique side to our business model as an increasing amount of our competitors now favour replacement rather than repair as the skill base is no longer required thus reducing their overhead costs.

With us you can keep your older equipment performing as it was designed to - it might not be the latest model, but even the latest cable detectors still function using the same principals as they did back in the early 1980's.

ALL equipment undergo rigorous bench and site testing before being returned to the customer including a full strip down of the unit to check for any internal water ingress or damage.  Again, not all service houses do this following the introduction of 'plug in' calibration. 

- the 'strip down' process we employ is commonly skipped by our competitors as it is viewed as time consuming and unnecessary.

In our experience this is an invaluable key part of the service!  as it can reveal all sorts of potential issues such as component corrosion, damaged aerial connectors and trapped cabling.The equipment may appear to work fine at the point in time of the machine being plugged in, but can give serious issues to the instruments when used at a later date.

In our workshop these issues will have been picked up and dealt with at no additional cost to the customer.

This is why we have an extremely low warranty return rate documented by our BSI accredited ISO9000 system.

% of instruments returned under warranty
2013 to 2014 1
2014 to 2015 0.8

We have our own computer software that provides complete traceability and product life history including all previous servicing work carried out by ourselves.

This includes a Re-Calibration Recall system letting you know when your equipment is due for service such as:

  • 12 monthly recall for Cable Detection equipment.
  • 6 monthly recall for Gas Detection equipment.

Servicing Recall information is posted and includes Calibration dates of equipment nearing renewal.

Our Standard Service Plan typically includes:-

  • Thorough cleaning of instrument.
  • Replacement Varta Alkaline Batteries.
  • PCB and component repair and replacement.
  • Full Strip down of instrument.
  • Custom Labels with customers logo if required (certain instrument types)
  • Instruments Checked and Recalibrated to original specification.
  • Calibration Conformity Certificate.
  • ‘Live Site’ Final Test.
  • Database history and copies of Certificates.
  • 3 to 4 day turnaround.
  • Experienced manufacturer trained technicians.
  • 6/12 month Service recall.
  • Product advice.
  • Parts & Labour warranty.
  • Fixed price servicing.

* Quotes are provided free of charge and there is no charge for instruments considered Beyond Repair. (excluding return carriage)


Celebrating over 15 Years in Business and over 40 Years combined Knowledge in Servicing & Repair