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C.Scope 80m Flexible Tracer


BRAND: C.Scope

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The Flexible Tracer is highly effective at locating and tracing the route of small diameter, non-metallic ducts, pipes, sewers and drains.

When used with any C.Scope Cable Locator and Signal Generator, both the route of a non-metallic pipe and a particular end point can be pinpointed with the Flexible Tracer. This is particularly useful for identifying the position of any blockages or obstructions within the pipe. If a depth measuring Locator is being used then it is also possible to know the depth of the pipe/blockage.

The Flexible Tracer is lightweight and compact making it very easy to transport. It comprises a 6mm diameter, 80m long continuous fibreglass rod housed in a strong reel that rotates on an axle. The axle has a slip-ring allowing the Signal Generator to remain connected to the Connection Terminals of the Flexible Tracer whilst it is being inserted into the pipe to be traced. A tiny Sonde is built into the tip of the Flexible Tracer allowing the end point of the Tracer to also be located. Uniquely, this Sonde is also flexible allowing the Flexible Tracer to negotiate bends in a pipe that would ordinarily stop a conventional Sonde from getting past.

  • Fibreglass rod inside a drum cage mounted in a tubular steel frame.
  • 80m of 5mm diameter flexible fibreglass rod with fully integrated 7.5mm diameter Sonde.
  • Integral Sonde for tip tracing.
  • Integral wire for line tracing.
  • Slip Ring allowing drum rotation when in use.
  • Rotation brake.
  • Unique flexible Sonde performs even in tight angles.
  • Robust but lightweight construction.

Rod Diameter

  • 5mm nominal.

Rod Material

  • Quality sleeved fibreglass rod with three integral copper wires.

Rod Minimum Bend Radius

  • 10 cm (reducing to 15 cm, 5 cm from Tip).

Rod wire diameter

  • 0.45mm each wire.

Transmitting Sonde Diameter

  • 7.5mm max.

Rigid Tip Length

  • 2cm max.

Tip Material

  • Brass.

Frame Size

  • 58.8 x 28.8 x 48.5cm.

Frame Material

  • Powder coated 16mm steel tube.

Reel Diameter

  • 48cm.


  • 7.5 kg.

Terminal box

  • 1 or 2 terminal connection (IP66 rated).

Slip ring assembly

  • Sealed multi-wire duplexed.


  • Optimised for 33 kHz.

Detection Depth Range

  • Line Detection 0 – 3m (dependant upon Locator and site conditions).

Tip Detection

  • 0 – 4m (dependant upon Locator and site conditions).


  • Any Signal Generator or Transmitter with 33kHz or 33/131kHz combined.

IP Rating

  • Tracer Rod & Tip: 68
  • Casing: 54.


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