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As with all our cable locators the EZiCAT i500 is robust and easy to use. Packed full of all the well-known, beneficial features the EZiCAT i500 makes avoiding and locating buried utilities an easy and efficient task. It's simple to operate, so you can just press the trigger and start locating. The Network Rail approved cable locator is suitable for a wide range of applications and can be used with the EZiTEX signal transmitters and EZiSYSTEM accessories for increased accuracy and applications.

The EZiCAT i500 is ideal to use before any excavation work to avoid striking a buried utility. This locator will increase your on-site safety, save you time, through the unique 'Automatic Pinpointing' feature, and save you money by reducing cable strikes.

You can use the locator to detect a number of different cables or pipes:
  • Electricity cables Data / telecomms cables.
  • Conductive pipes (including; steel, cast iron etc.)
  • Non-conductive pipes or cables (including; clay, concrete etc.) when used in conjunction with Cable Detection's accessories and/or EZiTEX signal transmitter to detect them.

    Product Details

    EZiCAT Intelligent Features
    Automatic controls, making the EZiCAT easy to use, requiring minimal user training.

    Starts in Power Mode
    Ensures the most potentially dangerous current carrying services are detected first for maximum operator safety.

    Auto Mode
    Automatically locates power or radio signals, helping to confirm the presence of services upon initial site occupation making cable detection easier and safer!

    Hazard Zone
    Buried utilities close to the surface pose a significant safety risk to site works. The new Hazard Zone function provides an additional warning to the close proximity of buried services, alerting users to the immediate danger.

    Pinpoint assist
    Maintains the highest peak reading obtained on the signal strength indicator for a period of time, allowing the operator to quickly and accurately pinpoint the service position.

    Built-in test function
    Allowing operators to test the hardware and software functionality of the EZiCAT before use.

    Service Due indicator
    Wrench icon displayed after 12 months.

    Highly visible digital LCD display
    with built-in light sensor, automatically enabling the backlight in dark conditions.

    Robust, light weight design
    EZiCAT i‐Series locators are specifically engineered for tough site conditions.

    Additional Information

    • Dual mode active tracing for on‐site flexibility
    • Controls: On/Off, Mode select, ’i‐button’ Information select & view
    • Frequencies: Power 50/60 Hz, Radio 15‐60 kHz, Generator 8 & 33 kHz
    • Depth range: Power/Generator 3 metres, Radio 2 metres
    • Dust and water protection to IP54

    In the Box

    • EZiCAT i500 Locator
    • Six AA (LR6) Batteries
    • Quickstart Reference Guide
    • Safety Concepts Manual
    • CD‐ROM containing User Manual & Certificate of Conformity
    EZiCAT i500
    EZiCAT i550
    EZiCAT 750xf
    Power 50Hz model or 60Hz model 50Hz model or 60Hz model 50Hz model or 60Hz model
    Radio Radio 15kHz to 60kHz 15kHz to 60kHz 15kHz to 60kHz
    Auto Power, Radio, 33kHz Power, Radio, 33kHz Power, Radio, 33kHz
    Transmitter mode 32.768 (33) kHz
    8.192 (8) kHz
    32.768 (33) kHz
    8.192 (8) kHz
    32.768 (33) kHz
    8.192 (8) kHz
    Depth range Line or Sonde 0.1m to 3m Line or Sonde 0.1m to 3m Line = 0.3m to 3m
    Sonde = 0.3m to 9.99m
    Depth accuracy* 10% 10% 10%
    Bluetooth® -- -- Class 2 Low energy
    GPS** -- -- Chipset (1): u-blox®GPS;
    Type: GPS L1C/A;
    Accuracy (2):
    Horizontal Position 2.5 m
    Autonomous, 2.0 m SBAS,CEP;
    Start time: Cold 45 s typical,
    Aided 7 s typical,
    Hot 1 s typical
    Memory capacity -- -- 64MB
    Battery 6 x AA Alkaline (IEC LR6) supplied 6 x AA Alkaline (IEC LR6) supplied 6 x AA Alkaline (IEC LR6) supplied
    Battery operating time 40 h intermittent use (at 20°C) 40 h intermittent use (at 20°C) 40 h intermittent use (at 20°C)
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 760 x 250 x 85mm 760 x 250 x 85mm 760 x 250 x 85mm
    Weight with batteries 2.7Kg 2.7Kg 2.7Kg

    *Depth to an undistorted signal

    ** (1) All data/information according to manufacturer u-blox®GPS; GeoMax Positioning does not assume any liability whatsoever for such information.

    (2) Accuracy is dependent upon various factors including atmospheric conditions, multipath, obstructions, signal geometry and number of tracked satellites.

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